reported the death of its company’s Chairman and CEO,  Christophe De Margerie. They claim that the death was caused by his jet ‘colliding with a snow removal machine.’

There were no survivors-

At face value, the story doesn’t appear unusual. Especially in the way reports it: simple, brief, and to the point. However, for a skeptic like myself, a lot of questions need to be raised, beginning with the pilot.

Why is there so little information about him? How did he report to work drunk and was allowed into OR with alcoholic beverages to an international airport that international dignitaries fly in and out from?

Does this mean Christophe De Margerie’s death is not only odd but also coincidentally happened right at the time Total (oil company) was going to bullhead it’s way through international laws to access highly sought after natural gas. Which by the way, would have raised the country’s international rankings in a market that the United States of America is barely hanging on.

Above all, does it seem eerily familiar as with our own local stories of certain politicians dying at a time their decisions or actions would threaten certain financial interests: the most recent being the late Hon. George Saitoti, who also died as a result of an aircraft accident.

Or as some conspiracy theorists would say, was this another ILLUMINATI sacrifice initiated to gain riches?

The mysterious nature of these deaths prompt a deeper search of more unanswered questions to the seeking eyes. But to the general public, its just another important person who died and the world keeps turning and turning.