Hello World!!
Hope you had a fabulous week, it’s finally the weekend! Time to relax and let go of that negative energy, right? A far from that, I’d like to take this moment to pass my love and prayers to the families that lost loved ones from the Garissa Attack. The post is a tribute to the #147notjustanumber campaign. Hope that you’ll be inspired to pray for our beloved country Kenya.
As white is a universal color for peace, i got my white linen two piece, a gift from Mama Bear. I paired up the outfit with gladiator sandals that i got from Toi Market at only 300/ GOOD DEAL YAAAASS! I’m still free for a shopping date for those who have been asking 🙂
I would highly advice for guys to wear this at the coast, since it’s hot plus when you’re at the beach all alone or with a friend, you get that opportunity to seekmeditation and inner serenity. There’s no better conversation than speaking to thyself as you analyze your life and past events. *lol i feel like i’m digressing from the whole topic, but you understand right?*
 Anyways, I’d beg you to free thy mind from the negative, each one has to find his peace from within and for this to happen it must be unaffected from outside circumstances.
As i leave you with words from a wiseman,