I love weird. Weird makes me happy, comfortable and alive. There are very many weird things we see everyday and either ignore or brush off as madness. Those who are comfortable with their weirdness are rare and to me, quite fascinating. One such person is David Firth. He is a musician, writer, animator, actor, filmmaker, voice actor, video artist and broadcaster who lives and works in United Kingdom.

His work contains a lot of dark imagery and he tends to explore disturbing topics like depression and mental illness in a very experimental form. He does not aim to offend though a lot of his work may be deemed offensive by many.

He has produced several animations for BBC’s comedy website. His work is widely distributed online which is how I found him.

Welcome to the weird world of David Firth! Enjoy.

WARNING: This is not for the faint-hearted. Viewer discretion is advised.  

This is his intro video…

Salad Fingers was the first of his animations I ever watched. I have been cussed for this…

And finally, the last of your intro to weird videos…Crooked Rot

Hope you enjoyed this. If it scarred you, you’ve got the weekend to recover. Happy Friday all!

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Cover image: d.f