In one too many circumstances no one wants to choose between following and pursuing their career path or attend to urgent personal needs that keep popping up every now and again without notice.

At times these personal needs can lead to change of career. Especially, if you are no longer fit to go back. For example; wounded army officials/officers.

To resurrect your career after a break, whether long or short is not easy.

So what can you do to resurrect your career after a long time off?

Be Prepared

Even before circumstances force you to choose between your career and personal life, be prepared for that choice to come up in future. It could be through an accident or pregnancy. If you are prepared, you can make contingencies and plan ahead.

This will enable to also have a flexible attitude.

Having a flexible attitude will lead you to figure out how you can cut back on your life or pick different career options that aren’t as demanding.

Creative Job Search

You have got to be creative in your job search after a career break. This is because traditional job search tactics will not work for you. Most jobs offered on job sites, state the age, requirements and number of years of experience.

Most of the time, the older the required the more experience you are required to have.

Thus inconveniencing most people trying to re-join the work force.

Stay Updated

Just because you are on career break doesn’t mean you have to slack on what is going on in your industry.

If you are contemplating on going back to work in the same industry make an effort to keep your skills and level of knowledge up to date.

Go to school if you have to, to get that extra push once you try to rejoin the career path.

Do volunteer work whenever possible in that filled to keep honing your skills and still stay relevant.