Fullanny will release his first single entitled “Thanks & Praise.” This will also be the lead single of his album “It Takes Time To Be Timeless,” to be released on the Jmotive Entertainment label this year. “It turned out to be a project with international appeal and it’s the first time that Fullanny’s versatility really shines through” says Joost Nauta, manager and label owner.

For This Album, Fullanny worked with The Firehouse Crew (Sizzla), Grammy nominated engineer Serge Tsai (Wyclef, Shakira) and the young producer Nitai Charan who also worked on Gyptian’s Summer Summer.

In the Dutch Reggae scene, Fullanny is known for his passion and energetic live shows. It took a while for Fullanny to complete this record, but it was all worth it, “It Takes Time To Be Timeless” ultimately became a double album.

On the first half of the CD, Fullanny focuses on his first love: authentic roots Reggae with a clear and conscious message. The surprising second half of the CD is dedicated to the fun side of life and letting go of the daily stress of living in this system. Musically, the sound of this side is more dancehall-based.

Fullanny’s music is for everyone, he’s often called the voice of the feeling. With his songs, he touches every universal emotion. In “Thanks & Praise” he expresses his gratitude for every life lesson.

From 22 April, the “Thanks & Praise” video can be viewed on YouTube is also available on Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.