Amyvisuals in Ten

Amy Muhoro is undoubtedly one of the best souls I have gotten to meet and work with as well as chill with as a friend and sister. In her element and ready to welcome you to her thoughts and mental trips. Her art is rebellious to some yet beautiful and divine to those that share in the same protest which is mostly mistaken to be chaotic. Having personally worked with this glorious soul, I can assure you that her art goes along with her heart. You simply can not set them apart.

Living in a world of conformity, Amy Muhoro identified her spirit of sharing art through visuals and kept on questioning the rules to establish her own truth especially the fact that she is a girl in a male dominated industry of photography. But who cares about that anymore? Amy pays attention to detail in the shape of material, skin tones, backgrounds just to name a few and has slowly created her own aesthetic feel on her images and videos. With that, she takes from the lords and gives to the revolutionaries in unabashed print and colour.
Amyvisuals is expanding her connect by working with underground movements that continue to inform her work and will rise up to face the challenges of the future.


The shoot showcased in today’s post was shot in a span of ten minutes, yeah! Amyvisuals works with the wind with the aim to move on to higher levels of expression thus keeping the universe beautiful with contemporary art.

Quick tips before doing a shoot:

  1. Create a mood board in order to help you go by your aspirations for a concept.
  2. Identify a location similar to your preferred inspiration, also remember to visit the site to get the permit and actualize yourself with the location.
  3. Choose clothes that either blend or contrast extremely with the location.
  4. Less is more, so make sure to have a proper team to save time.
  5. Do not forget to carry any food stuff as people tend to get hungry when they are in their creative element.


Muse: Fred Anyona

Creative Director & Photographer: Amyvisuals