Time and time again, many of us if not everybody gets an idea. Whether a business idea or any sort of idea whatsoever, there comes that “Eureka” moment. Many such opportunities often pass us by because of one reason or another. Lack of resources, funds or maybe even time could be to blame for this. At the particular time it may seem as though there isn’t a way around it but you will learn as you read, there actually is a way where a will rests. Scientists say, a normal everyday man gets 4 ideas a year that can turn him into  a millionaire. The reason the number of millionaires is still limited is because, it takes more than just the idea to make it lucrative.

Converting an idea into a successful business is not an easy task. On the contrary, it’s quite the difficult task and needs a whole new level of personal investment way before anything else comes into play. You must accept that you are in charge of your idea and it’s transition and take responsibility of whatever happens along the way. Realizing that you are the only one who completely understands your idea is essential to being able to share it in the process of turning it into a successful venture. turning_a_business_idea_into_money

There’s plenty ways one can make an idea prosper into a successful business venture. Here is my guide summarized to form the 6 most effective steps as you look to turn a simple idea to a lucrative business :

  1. Be An Optimist – Once you decide to do something, or bring something from a point it never existed before, you become accountable for your own actions. You simply cannot give up or lose hope because the challenges you’re facing are more than you had previously thought. Believe in yourself and challenge yourself enough to make sure you will see your plan through.
  2. Open Up Your Mouth As Well As Your Ears – Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask. Gather information and learn from those that have been where you are before. As much as you talk to them in an effort to learn, never forget to listen twice as much. Accept words of advice and don’t write off the negative feedback, this helps you stay in tune to make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Be Ready to Jump Off A Cliff But Know When To Do It – Going into a new business venture takes heart and purpose. Whether your idea sounds crazy to others or even to yourself a little, you should be ready to do whatever it takes to transform it into a reality.We have seen in the past how what people deem as “crazy” ideas have transformed our everyday lives. In April 2011, Evan Spiegel presented an idea on his final project to his class at Stanford. “Everybody said it was a terrible idea”, Spiegel remembers. Now, he is the C.E.O and Co-founder of Snap-chat, the biggest mobile app since Instagram. Be Patient enough to understand how everything works and wait for the perfect time to execute your plans.

    Risks are a part of successful businesses

  4. Sales 101 – In this case, you’re not selling a product just yet. You need to learn how to sell yourself. Your vision. Helping others understand your idea and the value it will add is very essential in transforming it into a successful business opportunity. Being well spoken or having a team of easily relatable people helps in setting the plan into motion and the skill of sales could be very important later when approaching potential investors.
  5. The 3 P’S : Passionate, Purposeful & Polite – Showing a sense of investment and determination to see your idea through to the very end is admirable. Forbes magazine is quoted saying, “The pursuit of excellence requires you to unleash your passion.” It is highly likely that more will treat you as a worthy entrepreneur and develop an interest if you’re purposeful about your business idea. If what you’re working towards has meaning, it decreases the chances of failure due to quitting along the way. Always remember, during this time between the birth of the idea and the execution to make it a successful business venture, you are the one in need. A sense of decorum and politeness when you are seeking either advice, physical help or maybe even loans is very much expected.
  6. Keep Building For Continued Growth – Many new ideas or opportunities may arise from your original idea. This is great in terms of development but you must remember to stay on course and not let the excitement interfere with your initial plan. Relationships made from networking and sharing resources is important to ensure continued growth and stability for your business. When you learn how the system works you can always find ways to make your idea better to move it from one point to the next and this mostly depends on time and resource management. How you choose to spend your time and resources is very important and could play a major role in determining whether your venture prospers or fails.