The annual battle of a Dubplate was bigger and better than ever before.

Red bull puts together an event every year with thousands of attendees for people to hear exclusive versions of music from some of their favorite artists made specifically to be experienced in the venue at the time.

What is a Dubplate ?

A dubplate is an acetate disc – usually 10 inches in diameter – used in mastering studios for quality control and test recordings before proceeding with the final master, and subsequent pressing of the record to be mass-produced on vinyl. The “dub” in dubplate is an allusion to the plate’s use in “dubbing” or “doubling” the original version of a track.’ (Sourced from Wikipedia)

This years  main acts were Wiz Khalifa representing his team Taylor Gang and Popcaan representing his team Mixpak.

This years winners are Mixpak and judging from the battle it may me seem because of using a dublate for Drake’s number one hit single ‘One Dance.’

Watch some clips from the event below.