Imagine if Nairobi’s unemployment rate way down to two. Not two percent – two people. That’s what happened in one small New Zealand farming town. It’s offering great packages for land, and housing at a fraction of what you might pay for land and a house in the motherland.

New Zealand is known for it’s lush scenery – and it’s lack of people to fill jobs. The once exclusive country is offering packages for nearly 16 Million Shillings (165,000 USD) for land and home packages.

You heard that right, New Zealand desperately wants you to move there.The rurally commercial town of Kaitangata is heavily involved in farming and processing. The town has around 1,000 available jobs, and too much affordable housing for it’s residents to fill.

The town’s mayor says,

“We have got youth unemployment down to two. Not 2 percent —just two unemployed young people.

In response to this job overflow, the town’s officials are launching a recruitment campaign to entice people to the warm, community-oriented town.

New Zealand Town Unemployment