Let us just say, if Ali Kiba has heard and watched Eric Omondi’s ‘Aje Remix’, he must be laughing his fucking ass off. In essence, the track that Eric ‘destroyed’ was meant to be this invite to Ali Kiba’s lady to come over even with her friends, who happen to be the likes of Wema Sepetu and Lulu Micheals.

For Eric, the lady he invited is friends with the likes of Vera Sidika and another bunch that let us just say, drink way too much (kind of reminds you of a certain Friday right!). The venue, the prestigious Kiza Lounge! Notice how thelounge is well advertised plus those Hennessy and Moet bottles. We see what you did there.

Well, let us not spoil the broth for you, here is ‘Aje Remix’ served! Indulge and enjoy, and yes, leave a comment too.

Aje Remix by Eric Omondi

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