Before the weather got gloomy I had an afternoon off of work and really had the urge to go swimming. There are two things you need to know, the first is that you’d never catch me dead doing something I see as a social activity alone and the second is that I was overweight for the longest time and got this bikini as a progress check motivation.

I went swimming alone yay me! And when I got there I went into the pool house, got changed all the while dancing to my latest billboard top songs of the week to pump myself up. One mirror selfie later, a quick pep talk in the mirror and boom, we were in business. I gathered my things and took the first step to facing my fears.

PhotographyKadenyi Kajumbi Blogger: Monday Makdee

Bikini First Time

When I got to the pool there were a few other people there a few men and a Somali family playing football. I didn’t think my resolve would be tested so soon. Ofcourse they were covered head to toe and there I was feeling thot-y I just wanted to turn around, go home and try another day but no; I held my chin a little higher, put my back a little straighter and found myself a little home base, HQ if you will. It was close enough to the pool that I could dash in and out within minimum towel grabbing distance.

Then the funniest thing happened;

Bikini First Time

I realized I wasn’t uncomfortable with my body at all! I worked hard to get it and while it may not be perfect,I only have the one so I might as well love it.

So that’s the moral of the story boys and girls. Love yourself, you’re custom made!


|Shades: Emporio Armani|Top: H&M Swimwear|Bottoms: Ocean Club Wear|

Stay Woke

Monday Makdee