Couture Africa – By Tony Kirimi

We all go to the gym for different reasons; some to lose weight and get back in shape, some in the pursuit of the all elusive abs, and some, even for fun. Well, for those who want the physique of a Greek god, here are workouts that are suited for each muscle group.

For those who’d like a manly barrel chest, this is for you.

All three of the dumbbell bench presses; flat barbell dumbbell bench press, incline barbell or dumbbell bench press or the decline barbell or dumbbell bench presses are ideal for your chest.  Also note, the chest press machine is your friend as well.

1.) Dips (on parallel bars with slight forward lean)

2.) Push-ups are probably the most common but still effective.

3.) Dumbbell flyes should also be incorporated in to your regimen.

*Note: Compound chest exercises also target the triceps and shoulders secondarily.

No one likes chicken legs, especially not the lass you’ve been eyeing, workout them out. Here’s a list of quadriceps exercises.

1.) Barbell or dumbbell squats, barbell or dumbbell front squats, dumbbell split squats, dumbbell lunges, dumbbell step-ups are great for muscular legs.

2.) Leg Press, perhaps the most common in this category is another leg exercise.

3.) Machine squats or hack squats and leg extensions are a also a must have for anyone looking for perfectly toned legs.

* Note: compound quad exercises also target a significant portion of the lower body/posterior chain.

Do you want massive ripped arms; here are just the workouts for you:

1.) Try all the dumbbell curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, cable curls, as well as the biceps curl machine

2.) Dips on parallel bars, or with elbows close to body and without forward lean are another ideal arm exercise.

3.) Other ideal exercises include close grip bench press, close grip push-ups, cable press-downs and bench dips.

So there you have it, a comprehensive, sort of, list of all he works outs you need to tone each muscle region. Go out and be buff.

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