You went out last night, one thing lead to another, and you slept in your makeup. Check out how one night of forgetfulness can impact your largest organ and money maker.

1.) Eye Irritation

The ugly truth is, if you’ve ever left last night’s eye make up on you could have made yourself susceptible to pink eye, infection, and irritation. If you’re a recurring culprit, try leaving some makeup wipes or petroleum jelly in your night stand.

2.) Premature Aging

Through the course of your day, your skin picks up allergens, toxins, and a much more. Sleeping with makeup on doesn’t allow your skin the breathability it needs to heal itself. This can lead to premature aging, such as the development of fine lines or wrinkles

3.) Pillow Build Up

The more you sleep in your makeup, the more oil and dirt will build up on your pillow. Over time, this can lead to greasy skin, greasy hair and a very dirty pillow. Whether you wear makeup or not, a dirt pillow case can lead to acne and skin irritation. To keep your skin glow worthy, wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week.