The royal family of reggae Morgan Heritage’s musical legacy lives on by virtue of their body of work, and proudly through the next generation via Gramps Morgan’s son Jemere Morgan. The star has put out his debut album and will be live on wgRadio’s LazeReggae next week on Tuesday from 3pm EST.

Title Album: Transition

Artiste: Jemere Morgan

Genre: Reggae

Label: Dadason Entertainmnet & CTBC Music Group

Rate: 8/10

“Balanced conscious body of work! The royal legacy lives on!” “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

Perhaps one of the best growth in the music industry has been the culmination of Jemere Morgan who has transitioned from the young man who would curtain raise tours for his family band, the Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage.

“This album, Transition, represents the current phase in my life, transitioning into becoming a man. I’ve been working on this album for the past three years, handpicking each sound down to the melodies of each record. Music and the artist should be one, and if the beat doesn’t connect to me, I’m on to the next track. So, that’s how I picked the tracks for the album. “ Jemere

The budding star musical career blossomed and matured forefront on a worldwide stage, as fans of the Grammy award-winning band saw Jemere transition in front of their eyes. Now the budding star is ready to present his body of work to the world with his debut album masterpiece that is quite rich in production and who it features.

“I consider everyone featured on my album family. My uncle Peetah also helped with the co-writing process on my album.” I don’t really feel pressure, but there’s a standard that I have to live by. I’ve been blessed to have family and a team around me to help live up and above those standards.” Jemere

Transition was produced by Gramps Morgan and Jemere himself, with productions contributions from Chimney Records, Markus Records, Rellee Hayden, Nebilus Records, Notis Records among a host of other notable producers, has 17 tracks and features collaborations with Jo Mersa Marley, Agent Sasco, J Boog, Stonebwoy, Toian and Gramps Morgan. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

  1. Transition

The star opens up about his growth and asks his listener to not judge him but be kind to walk on this growth journey with him.

  1. Try Jah Love feat. Gramps Morgan

Father and son voice on one of the best riddims ever—the Country bus Riddim and the teachings are simple: the world needs Jah Love. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

Their chemistry on this single is awesome. Gramps on the heavy bass voice and Jemere on the mellows, plus Chimney Records on the productions.

  1. Forever Girl

The tune has a cross influence of Hip Hop and RnB perhaps due to his growing up in Brooklyn. It is a perfect lovers blend.

  1. Neighborhood Girl feat. Agent Sasco (Remix)

Agent Sasco and Jemere rekindle the good old lovers’ vibes of John Holt with this rendition. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

  1. Good Old Roots

Peetah Morgan influence on this song is quite evident. With Morgan Heritage’s Grammy Strictly Roots album, the influence of that albums is well splashed on this record by Jemere. It is roots’ man anthem.

  1. Shakers & Movers feat. J Boog

Another real reggae roots tune with J Boog. The bass and treble is amazing and it is a call to all reggae soldiers’ movers and shakers to play roots reggae music. It is a rebel music. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

J Boog comes in hard with heavy punches. J Boog got featured on Morgan Heritage Strictly Roots Album.

  1.   Shouldn’t Have feat. Jo Mersa Marley

What happens when you put third generations of Marleys and Morgan Heritage dynasty on one tune? You get a big chuuuune! “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

Another love ballad on the album, Jo Mersa and Jemere rekindle an amazing chemistry. Jo Mersa got featured on Morgan Heritage Strictly Roots Album.

  1. A.C.B feat. Stonebwoy

Africa and Jamaica unite on this Tropical House influenced tune.


Stonebwoy from Ghana brings in the dancehall vibes and Jemere goes all mellow.

  1. Shine With Me

Another pop culture influenced tune, Jemere wants to be the reflection of her perfection, like sand on the water, dance all night and shine with her.

  1. She’s Gone

Quite a love ballad tune, Jemere questions whether she is feeling the same after she left. He reminisces about this love with her and the more he thinks about it, he goes crazy. He can’t forget her.

  1. Celebrate Life feat. Gramps Morgan

Another conscious tune with some dancehall, reggae-calypso infused beats, father and son just have fun celebrating life! “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

  1. Bang Bang feat. Toian

We get introduced to a new act ( this side of Sahara she is new) in this dub step track. Known by her stage name Toi, the female singer, songwriter, producer, designer and model, began her career in January 2010 when she met Calibur Entertainment’s chief record producer Sean Ricketts, and recorded her first single, “Sunshine”. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

After being premiered on Jamaican radio by popular entertainer ZJ Liquid, the single began buzzing on radio stations, cd players, and social media websites across the globe. Now she makes her another international wave with this tune.

  1. International Love

Perhaps one of those songs that drove women crazy in Nairobi, Jemere pleads with his lady to be patient he will be coming home soon.

  1. War

A song that rekindles the slave war and his connection to Africa, Jemere addresses the new slavery in today’s world—the economic enslavement. “Transition”: New Album Review | Jemere Morgan

  1. Run Dem Out

DJ Frass Records Cane River riddim gets justice from the voice of Jemere.

  1. Anything You Want

A love ballad for the ladies. Money and love are put on a weighing scale.

  1. Take Me Go Home

Another love ballad that closes the album in style! Takes you on a time machine to 1930 where there was real love.

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“I put out my first album ever. That says a lot for the beginning of any artist’s career. It’s an accomplishment and a learning experience at the same time. This album represents me taking control of my life and turning my dream into a reality. Here you have it”. – Jemere Morgan