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21st Hapilos Digital Distribution has partnered with television programme The Release to launch the 21st Hapilos Top 10 Digital Chart. The chart formally known as The Release Top 10 Chart is featured in the weekly entertainment programme on CVM TV and HYPE TV.

Talisa Taylor, Executive Producer to The Release said “The Release was off season in January but we are back on air for Season Two as of February 3, 2017. Our initial chart showed local and international videos that were trending online but we wanted to create a chart based on facts”. 21st Hapilos Top 10 Digital Chart will feature songs that have high numbers of sales, downloads and streaming on over 200 platforms including Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Rhapsody and Tidal to name a few.

This chart will be based on facts and facts alone, the only way to get on this chart is to sell music by digital perpetual download and steaming”. Johnny Wonder, Executive VP of Hapilos Entertainment

wgnetworks.africa Riddim Unplugged | 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Partners with The Release

The President for 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Kelly Dudley is also very excited about the partnership adding that “There’s a perception out there, real or imagined, that all local charts are rigged or unfairly influenced by Payola. A fact-based chart is needed to restore integrity and trust within the industry and the general public, and to ensure all artists and producers get credit for their work.”

‘The Release’ is an entertainment and lifestyle programme hosted by media personality Lijitimate, featuring local and international content showcasing new releases and reviews in music, food, fashion, and technology. ‘The Release’ airs on CVM TV on Fridays 9:30 pm with repeats Saturdays 10:00 pm and on Hype TV (Jamaica, Barbados,  St Lucia,  St Vincent & The Grenadines  and Antigua) on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm with repeats Thursdays and Saturdays 6:30 p.m.

wgnetworks.africa Riddim Unplugged | 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Partners with The Release

Their social media handles are @TheReleaseja on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.