“Striving against the odds”

Abaki Simba are the first project to feature on ADA Records with their album ‘KAZI‘. The group are a collective of percussionists, musicians, dancers, artists and environmentalists. The core values of their message include community, unity and the environment.

Located in The Yard (Alchemist Bar) in Westlands, ADA Creative Studios is Nairobi’s underground recording studio. Set up by Matthew Swallow, a former teacher, the studio aims to be a mid-town studio, that is accessible and affordable for projects that best project innovative Kenyan music, where genres and production methods are experimented with to find original sounds that help to boost the credibility of the music scene in East Africa.

wgNetworks.tv New Album Debut | 'KAZI' - Abaki Simba

The Album ‘KAZI’ is mixture of genres, from reggae and hip hop to folk and afro-fusion. The album was written from the basis of percussion and features vocalists Khoisan, Labdi and Teto Totuma.
The message of the album is that of working hard for oneself and striving hard to succeed against the odds.

wgNetworks.tv New Album Debut | 'KAZI' - Abaki Simba

ADA Creative Studios has been working with up and coming producers Dylan S and Suraj of Midi Minds. Both Djs and sound designers in their own right, Dylan and Suraj have dedicated much of their time to blending live recordings with modern production methods to help build projects with real integrity and punch.

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March 3rd will be the preview release of this exciting new project, with the full release set for March 24th.