We had a pleasure of watching you perform in Nairobi and we just cannot tell you how excited we are about the #StonyHillAlbum. Damian Marley first solo album in 12 years.

Title Album: Stony Hill

Artiste: Damian Marley

Genre: Reggae/Dancehall

Label: DELUXE BOX [Republic Records]

Rate: 9.5/10

“We can now forgive Damian for taking his time on this album. It is a monster masterpiece.” wgNetworks.tv


  1. Intro (spoken by Big Youth)
  2. Here We Go
  3. Nail Pon Cross
  4. R.O.A.R.
  5. Medication feat. Stephen Marley
  6. Time Travel
  7. Living It Up
  8. Looks Are Deceiving
  9. The Struggle Discontinues
  10. Autumn Leaves
  11. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody
  12. Upholstery feat. Major Myjah
  13. Grown & Sexy feat. Stephen Marley
  14. Perfect Picture feat. Stephen Marley
  15. So a Child May Follow
  16. Slave Mill
  17. Caution
  18. Speak Life

Well, my connection to Damian Marley dates to a few months back this year, When I saw him perform live in Nairobi. I had no clue that the recordings for Stony Hill had already been in full swing. Yes, we had seen the interviews with legends like David Rodigan hitting about the process of the album making, but we also had eager anticipations the album would be ready and out before his tour in Nairobi.

Back in 2010, when Damian Marley and Nas’ Distant Relatives album was released, and there were plans to tour Africa, but the tour never materialized. Now, 7 years later, Damian Marley toured Africa for the first time as part of a seven-week Africa/Europe tour, which leads to the long-awaited album release of Stony Hill.


The opener for the album is a short-spoken word intro, before Here We Go drops. Judge not, that ye may not be judged is invoked in the conscious Nail Pon Cross, before the aggressive drums of my favourite tune off the album, R.O.A.R. kicks in!

With his entry into the marijuana business as a Ganjapreneur, Medication (feat. Stephen Marley) champions for cannabis.

The vocal range and melodies. The versatility and his attention to detail is unfathomed in this album. Dub lovers Time Travel with the artists. His depth in music is well tested with the ballad Autumn Leaves. R&B lovers find Upholstery, that features Bounty Killer scion Major Myjah, and the uber stringed guitar tinges in Grown and Sexy.

Slave Mill captures the Africa rhythm, while yet addressing the reality. Speak Life lowers the curtain on this magnificent piece.

Stony Hill album is a reminder of the hard work Damian puts in a project. Perhaps a statement to critics that he has never been out of the game despite the decade but he has just been refueling for this moment. His moment!

Waiting for another 12 years for such a project will be torture. The digital download age will love this but trust me, the album’s scope and sensation needs to be listened from start to finish in CD or Vinyl to appreciate its depth.

Let us hope we will not wait for another decade, but even if we do, we will still be in anticipation of Damian Marley delivery prowess.

In support of the new album Damian Marley will be on tour in the USA in September/October. Check all dates HERE!

Cover Image Credits: Photography by Alvin Henry