The summer fling season is with us and the July cold is slowly fading away—August warmth and heat is with us. When it comes to this month’s highlights, here are our picks!

August in 5

Summer, #TetuShaniRemixChallenge, The Boombox, Laugh Festival and Nai Ni Who Festival.

Street Look

1V1garments on Instagram are some of the core street style cred we stumbled upon a couple of days back and just fell in love with!

The Food

KFC bucket challenge is the bomb! 1 bucket, 21 pieces of chicken, 5 friends and 5 minutes. Try beat that!

cultural Guide August 2016 The KFC Challenge

Art Gold

World Bank Art Program Exhibition: One In Three – What Does It take for You to Be Outraged?

Opening: July 28, 2016

Venue: Ecology Gallery, National Museum

Time: 5 pm

Cultural Guide August 2016 Silent Conversation 1 by Maggie Otieno Photo via NMK

One In Three: What Does It Take for You to Be Outraged? From the World Bank Art Program

The One In Three exhibition is a global exhibition that includes artworks from artists from every region of the world. The title of the exhibition derives from statistics that a third of women in the world will experience gender-based violence (GBV) in their lifetimes.

Act of The Month

Cultural Guide August 2016 dj double o kenya

DJ Double O will be dropping the big tunes at this month’s Verse5Ve’s #Turnt5Ve party at Memorial Park on 14th August. Oliver Kilaha wanted to become a matatu driver when he grew up so he could listen to deejay mixes all day. Well, he did achieve something close to his dream when he studied Aeronautical Engineering. But his heart yearned for something else, according to Groove Awards.

What is the city sound?

Tetu Shani

From tropical, classical, cinematic, raunchy to uplifting remixes the #TetuShaniRemixChallenge run on Nairobi Underground has so far got 12 incredible entries showing Kenya’s diverse production mastery creating the most remixed Kenyan song on Soundcloud.

Cultural Guide August 2016 1v1garments instagram

Everyone is watching…

That Online Guy! Willis Raburu brings the Trevor Noah satire to a whole next local experience!

cultural Guide August 2016 that online guy

New Swanky Joint

Situated on the ground floor, the 164 seater Utamu Casual Dining Restaurant offers a wide selection of continental cuisine. With 2 outside terraces with seating and patio heaters, the restaurant serves freshly prepared food on a la carte. Lunch is offered by prior reservation. Tune Hotels’s Grab & Go snack bar stood out for us too.

wgNetworks Inside Nairobi’s First International Budget Hotel

Comedian of the Month

Daliso Chaponda! He made us laugh hard during the Laugh Festival experience a few days ago. He is a Malawian top comedian who honed his craft in comedy clubs across the country.

wgNetworks Africa’s Great Comedians find a Continent Ready to Laugh

Daliso Chaponda

Cultural Guide August 2016 DJEchoE Trapped In Nairobi

Instagrammer of The Month

Kevin servHis will be dropping his new mixtape this month and it promises to be a refreshing touch to the local Hip hop industry.

Top of the Playlist

Nobody gets Nairobi Trapped like DJ EchoE. #TrappedinNairobi

wgNetworks A Cultural Guide to Nairobi This Month

Book of the Month

wgNetworks A Cultural Guide to Nairobi This Month

Scratch that! We feature the latest poetry album release from poet Gufy Dox dubbed #Misimu.

Matatu of the Month

Name: Smoke City

Route: 58

Sacco: 58 Buru Sacco

Five to Follow

This month we feature the Events Photographers!

  1. Nyangesh Photography
  2. Sony Ent Photography
  3. Gene-k Media Concepts
  4. Eye-con Photography
  5. Sixty100 Photography

wgNetworks #5at5: The Young Event Photographers of Nairobi

Photo of the Month

Nyangesh Photography captures the best events moments ever!

wgNetworks #5at5: The Young Event Photographers of Nairobi

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