NEW EPISODE ALERT! Good Fam, it’s Episode 12 of the Blaze Podcast. Thank you for being part of this through our exciting journey! On this episode BuddhaBlazeWorld and Jinx (Arthur Oloo) start off with news from West Africa, Nigerians ordering pizza from UK and having it flown to their homes in Lagos. Onto the music industry, Nipsey Hussle music sales go over 2,776% he owns his masters which means all his sales will be beneficial to his family. Natalie Tewa gets back with her boyfriend, a question that we are asking “whats your last straw before calling it quit with someone”? Lupita Nyong’o struggles with her complexion which motivates her to write a children’s book entittled Sulwe.

Our 3 tips come from Femi One on what she did to launch her music career.
Our Rewind Segment features.

Femi One-Hiyo One

Femi One-Entertainer


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