While much of the world sees an overwhelming supply of stunning photographs shot in Kenya, few see the truly unique collage of cultures and creative disciplines combined to create these iconic moments.


The following photo series features a three part collaboration between a photographer (*who is also a fitness instructor), a yogi (*who is also a Thai masseuse/model) and an architect (*who is also a furniture designer/art gallery curator) – providing a perfect example of Kenya’s daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya vivaciously eclectic creative sector. Furthermore, the fact that all three of these creatives found themselves on the same small island, producing an impromptu photoshoot, highlights the curious power of Kenya’s alluring natural landscape as an ideal setting for such picturesque serendipities. In this series, Poppy Miyonga captures Awham Mohamed in a space designed by Moran Munyuthe, tucked into a stretch of desert oasis just a 10 minute walk judi slot online jackpot terbesar from the sea. 

Located at the new Saba Artist Residency facility Munyuthe is building, this exotic blend of sensorially stimulating and energetically zen design will house an annual program that “aims to create a refreshing yet obscure environment to find inspiration, refresh and de-link.” Founded in extension of the Saba Furniture Company, the Saba Artist Residency welcomes applications from anyone keen to push creative slot gacor boundaries while pursuing excellence in their artistic practice. Therefore, it is no wonder that these diverse characters collaborated so fluidly in the creation of these photographs. Though embodying a range of individual inspirations and cultural influences, Miyonga, Awham and Munyuthe all seem to be intrigued by the art of expressing introspection in the physical world.


Whether by designing a courtyard, navigating the human body or focusing a camera lens, all three creatives represented in this work share an ethos embedded in the honoring of one’s inner life through an intimate relationship with their external environment. 

Fortunately, a place as geographically rich and mysterious as Kenya provides the perfect playground for multi hyphenate creatives such as these to meet and together meld their mediums into something yet unknown. Undoubtedly already young masters in their respective fields, it excites us to contemplate how these experimental pioneers will each expand their craftsmanship through more powerful collaborations within Kenya and across the globe. 


“Listen, take action, hang in there. It’s astonishing how short a time it can take for wonderful discoveries to happen. It’s time to give it a go. Waiting isn’t an option.” 

~ Awham Mohamed