We’re psyched to release the second episode of Plan A! Featuring Kenyan sound pioneer Samuel Sichangi the self-taught, inspirationally ambitious 21 year old producer, songwriter, musician/performer who just released “The Project Greatness” at Africa Nouveau Festival featuring collabs with artists like Blinky Bill, Taio Tripper, Karun & more. Before traveling to South Africa to align with Red Bull Music Academy and continue his musical studies, Sichangi invited us to eavesdrop on a recording session hosted by the prestigious, premiere sound studio in East Africa, Supersonic Africa. While we tend to keep video segments short & sweet for all of us, oversaturated media consumers, this episode refused to be shortened! The invaluable wisdoms and insights shared by this artist required nothing less than a 6-minute mini documentary, honoring the true purpose of our Plan A series – to inspire all creatives in the increasingly competitive contemporary marketplace to stay ruthlessly focused on our own paths to Greatness.