Beautiful weather and rooftop parties. A classic combination. But with a unique blend of secret ingredients that summons next level lust amongst city goers looking for a lit spot, the loft party at Milk Studios in Manhattan innovates this Spring/Summer favorite with a je ne sais quoi flavor all its own.

Scattered whispers drip across the lips of eager guests waiting to be admitted, while the faint echo of bass heavy beats falls from the building towering above. The building contains Milk Studios – an almost overwhelmingly powerful ‘one-stop-shop” media company, offering an agency, studio spaces, production services, a contemporary gallery, an editorial platform and a makeup line. Calling itself a “culturally conscious company” MILK’s mission statement outlines a vast and yet intimately interwoven ecosystem that diversely facilitates their primary focus of enabling “creative expression and collaboration.” From the eclectic clients, curations and content accumulated in MILK’s 20 years at the center of contemporary Los Angeles and New York, it’s clear that their intention to “serve as a connector between the established and the emerging” is translating into a truly special twist on the average expectations of a creative agency.

You can sense this ethos reflected in those attending: Spanning genres, aesthetics, skin tones and age gaps, a diverse grip of guests dance together beneath the crisply painted, high ceilings, bonded by a mutual desire to devour new art, fashion, music, ice cream cones and electric sunsets. Drinking with friends, befriending strangers, wandering through racks of colorful clothing, clear jars of candy and screaming when the best throwback cuts come up in the DJ’s mix –

The annual loft party at MILK is not a new concept. But it is an alluringly fresh, millennial era embodiment of a timelessly beloved human experience; which feels like a pretty perfect fit for a party produced by a company who claims to be crushing the creative agency game, no?