There is something magical about Africa.

Is it the people, the animals, the vibrant culture? It’s all the above and then some. To me, what makes Africa Africa– is the air. Not in the literal sense, more like the vibe.  You can feel it in the streets during the morning commute- the mixture of music, traffic, politicking and business filling the air with an absurd harmony.  You can taste it when you visit your shosho (granny). You sip it in the afternoon tea. You get engulfed in it when twilight comes. It’s a spirit- a creator’s spirit.


We all know about Africa being the cradle of mankind, and while I don’t wish to wax political with this, I do personally feel, given history, a lot of things in the world were made by the sweat and innovation of Africans whether voluntarily or otherwise. That is what brings us here-to  a window that shows us  Africa perhaps like you’ve never seen it before!! What’s Good Africaa brainchild of What’s Good Networks in collaboration with REVOLT TV offers the international audience another peek into the creativity that overflows in this marvelous continent!


Catch a clip from Episode 7 when I met up with powerhouse artist & performer, Junior Nyong’o: 



I started off my career as a radio presenter on Homeboyz Radio (an urban hip hop station) where I hosted a show that profiled young upcoming artists as well as young trailblazers from various industries. This gave me a glimpse into the workings on the African mind with international ambitions.  Later I moved to a rock station (yes, rock music is quite big in Kenya) called XFM where I hosted a breakfast show that put me in contact with artists, CEOs and many more colorful Africans for over 7 years. Speaking of years, let’s take it back a few…



Back when I was at Homeboyz Radio (almost 12 years ago)…

I once bumped into this TV girl on my way to work. I’d seen her do the news and she had a cool air about her. We became friends on Facebook and chatted here and there. As the years progressed, I saw her scale on up in the game, host one of the biggest entertainment shows in Kenya and still keep a very level head in the industry. I admired that. I desire to work with people who put the work and the people involved ahead of them. That’s the sort of person I am. And that is the sort of person Remmy Majala is. When we met to do a screen test for this show it was magic from the word action! 




In 2020, you cannot afford to be old fashioned. We are not doing the sitting down at a fancy locale, fake sipping water as we bore through cliché questions (nothing wrong with that by the way- it just doesn’t work for this type of show). We go out to the guests’ environment, catch them in their element, break bread, explore and above all, know more about what’s good with them! It provides such a fresh vibe to the show (there is that word again, see what I mean about Africa?). You have to be able to think on your feet with a show like this so my 13 years of being a radio jock have come to great use given all the spontaneity in the show. My co host Remmy has years of TV experience (plus a photographic memory!) so these are not waters through which she cannot tread! The key is to capture the fun, get the story and above all, spread the vibe (again- the V word!). 




I’m thrilled we have  a platform where we can showcase not the “already knowns” per se, but rather, the ones you may have missed, the ones on a rapid come up and the ones who are so beautifully different, they can only be classified as “a vibe”. We’ve got loads of vibes on the Kenya edition of What’s Good Africa and it’s such a blessing to have the platforms that help us showcase this awesomeness to the world. What’s Good Africa airs every Wednesday 9.30pm EST on REVOLT TV, and on Thursday at 10pm on NTV (Kenya), NTV (Uganda) and Azam TV (Tanzania). 


Join us on this amazing ride!

-Nick Ndeda


Photographs by Seth Savato & @iammuthonigitau