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TAIO Opens Up about Life in Camp Mulla, and Beyond

Sitting at a table of strangers, surrounded by Kenyans of varying age whom I’d never met, I sat beside my mother – somewhat confused as to how I’d arrived there in the first place. A lovely lady, a family friend, had invited us to her gathering. I’d been told to come. I came. I sat. I watched. It was only my second long stay in Kenya so far.

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How #KILIFORNIA Killed Our Fears

The next few hours slipped away in a divine blur. More dream-like waves of overwhelmed wonder. More uncanny certainty of this elusive deja vu. More dipping in and out of consciousness, as I lay on a woven mat, overhearing otherworldly conversations between travelers from Germany, England, America… Otherworldly, in the realest sense. People speaking of quantum physics, poetry and marine biology, underground DJs, psychedelic artists and fractal patterns found in archaeolgical sites… Not one traveler aboard lacked a fascinating story. Furthermore, the mutual sharing of our stories felt easy. Nothing to hide. Nothing to judge. Nothing to prove.

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