Author: porterdegraves5

A Simple Guide to Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are a vital part of your makeup routine, therefore it is super important to keep them clean. Often over looked, cleaning brushes removes build up of old makeup, bacteria and dead skin from bristles. Dirty brushes don't distribute makeup on to the face as well as clean ones and therefore application and blending won't [...]

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Jackie Aina Celebrates 30th Birthday in Style

Los Angeles based make-up guru Jackie Aina celebrated her 30th birthday last week (4th of August) in a way only she can! The beauty vlogger had an African Royal themed party alongside the hashtag, #BronzeIsTheNew30. Joined by her Ghanaian boyfriend, the pair went for a theme fit for a king and queen donning their kente [...]

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Why Everyone is Still Obsessing Over Rihanna’s Crop Over Look

Earlier last week, Rihanna broke the internet with her extraordinary Crop Over Festival outfit. The entire world was ogling at the 29-year-old superstar's Instagram when she posted a story of herself in full festival attire. The Crop Over tradition begun during the colonial era in Barbados as a celebration indicating the end of the annual [...]

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