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This is just the beginning – Samba Mzera

‘Wow! That’s so cool! Did she survive?’The first thing I said to my cousins as a very young girl when I saw Angelina Jolie being chased by villains. I didn't know whether it was happening in real life and being recorded or an act - All I knew was that it was cool.  As I got [...]

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I am an African Queen – Remmy Majala

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN...We had gathered at the family seating room, cuddled around the television watching the national broadcaster, KBC. This was a special occasion; the Muungano National Choir came on, belching our favourite tune, Kaung’a Yachee.You see, Kaung’a Yachee means ‘sin has come’ in my Taita language, everyone sings along to this song, this [...]

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I Am What’s Good In Africa

I was born and brought up in Kibera. Despite what's always being reported in the media, I was comfortable and happy as long as I wasn't reminded (by the media) that Kibera is the largest slum and people are living in deplorable conditions. When I started going to school, that's when I started realizing the [...]

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