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I Am What’s Good In Africa

I was born and brought up in Kibera. Despite what's always being reported in the media, I was comfortable and happy as long as I wasn't reminded (by the media) that Kibera is the largest slum and people are living in deplorable conditions. When I started going to school, that's when I started realizing the [...]

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‘Mkhombero’ Shrub (why Kenyans are chewing it to Extinction!)

It is known as White's Ginger but the street lingo is simply 'Mkhombero' or 'Mukombero' It passes as a common tuber with white like roots that get chewed. People here have been consuming it for a range of uses. From appetizer , detoxifier, helping to increase milk production in lactating mothers,to an aphrodisiac, many strongly [...]

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Mr and Miss Environment Kenya

Kenya's clock is ticking as the D - day on the ban on plastic bags fast approaches. Monday, August 28, 2017 is the day set by the Government to cease use of all polythene bags. Prof. Judy Wakhungu, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, is the lady [...]

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