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This is just the beginning – Samba Mzera

‘Wow! That’s so cool! Did she survive?’The first thing I said to my cousins as a very young girl when I saw Angelina Jolie being chased by villains. I didn't know whether it was happening in real life and being recorded or an act - All I knew was that it was cool.  As I got [...]

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I am an African Queen – Remmy Majala

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN...We had gathered at the family seating room, cuddled around the television watching the national broadcaster, KBC. This was a special occasion; the Muungano National Choir came on, belching our favourite tune, Kaung’a Yachee.You see, Kaung’a Yachee means ‘sin has come’ in my Taita language, everyone sings along to this song, this [...]

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SHENG TALK – New Season Alert

“Growing up  what we used to watch on TV was never a reflection of the lives we were living. The Sheng Talk show idea was born from us wanting to share some of the daily fun and inspirational things that were happening around us.”  ~ James Gichuru (Sheng Talk Host) The Sheng Talk gang has been bringing [...]

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